Our photography service is an environment based service, meaning we prefer to shoot our clients in ther own environment or out in the environment... Now that's a lot of environments! With a vast array of professional studio equipment, your photo shoot may take place at your home or any location of your choice. Gregory utilizes all of the latest technologies as well as available light to produce spectacular images you will be sure to cherish for generations. His shooting style molds easily to his clients needs, from natural-light black and white to meticulous studio lighting providing surreal adventures, the choice is yours.

We will use every care in the world to make sure your experience is just that, an experience. You are paying for talent and expect nothing short of the best, but you should enjoy every minute of it.

The style of photography will be discussed with you in detail, personally by Gregory, prior to the shoot to ensure that your exact needs and expectations are met. Whether it be from a photojournalism perspective, very precise posing, or a combination of the two, your needs will be met.

We can provide the following portrait and/or photojournalism services at any location:


New Born






Additional services are also offered, such as personal Styling and Makeup by our licensed professional, Amber Lynn. We would be glad to discuss your needs prior to the shoot, thus ensuring the most professional experience possible.

We look forward to meeting with you and can’t wait to see your face the day you receive the prints.